About The Leadership Program

Join our national movement supporting how refugees live and learn to thrive in their new homes

As a nation it’s time to empower a new generation of nonprofits focused on standing with refugees.

The national leadership cohort focuses on the specific challenges faced by nonprofit leaders working with refugees: language and literacy barriers; cultural differences; lack of targeted private funding; and little precedent in terms of program evaluation. Being able to tackle these important issues requires answers to many challenging questions. What would it look like to have a nonprofit that is thriving? How much will it cost? Am I moving in the right direction?

Because refugees enter our nonprofits with comprehensive needs, the potential for program development is tremendous, and overwhelming. The leadership cohort’s curriculum targets topics essential to early stage nonprofits in this space, including governance, technology, fundraising, partnerships and program evaluation.

The Hello Neighbor Network Network is geared toward small-to-medium nonprofits whose leaders are poised for high-growth potential. Our goal is that this network will have a significant impact on the participants that will positively impact the communities they serve. The national leadership cohort, which first launched in October 2019, is developed and programmed by Hello Neighbor in partnership with USA for UNHCR, The Good People Fund and The Harnisch Foundation.

The National Leadership Program

Leadership cohort participants will enjoy rich, in-depth content and programming to support their commitment to refugees, including:

  • Skill building and support around analyzing existing programs and program development
  • Learning how to effectively conduct program evaluation to determine outcomes
  • Developing a branding toolkit
  • Developing fundraising campaigns
  • Leadership development training
  • Advocacy training and policy education, with the goal of empowering leaders to navigate policy and advocate for their needs in their communities and beyond
  • Behind-the-scenes look at successful nonprofits in areas including strategic planning, board development, planning for growth, marketing,
  • Sessions on marketing and storytelling to understand your differentiation in the marketplace
  • Cohort-based fellowship that extends beyond the duration of the program
  • Access to a network of mentors and experts in the refugee fields


The nonprofit leaders who will benefit most from NF meet the following criteria:

  • You are the Founder, Executive Director or CEO of the nonprofit
  • The nonprofit is a registered 501c3 organization
  • The organization was founded within the last 2-10 years
  • The organization’s budget is under $500,000
  • The organization has at least 1 paid staff member (can be part-time)
  • The organization does not receive federal funding for direct resettlement from one of the nine VOLAGS
  • You most likely work in a city with a strong refugee population and have deep relationships with local refugee groups
  • You have time to dedicate to this fellowship (will vary based on the month and participant but we ask that you recognize that as a collective experience everyone needs to equally participate)
  • You’re excited to grow your organization!



The Hello Neighbor Network leadership cohort begins online. Cohort members first get to know each other through an online community platform and regular check-ins, and will then come together for an in-person convening (date and location TBD). Participants will have in-depth training on topics they have chosen collectively as the most-pressing facing their nonprofits.

The cohort will gather again in late April for an opportunity to share with and learn from industry experts on topics including program development, program evaluation and fundraising.

Standards and Expectations

Fellows are required to fully participate in the annual convening as well as be an active participant online with the other members outside of the convening.

In addition, participants must be open to taking part in regional and national press opportunities, including press releases, social media, and interviews with journalists, to share their work and further the mission of the Hello Neighbor Network.

Participants are asked for a deferred or “pay what you can” payment of $1,200. We recognize this is unorthodox, but believe there is value to this program and if the participants agree then they are invited to pay what they can anytime during or after the fellowship period.

Participants will receive travel stipends for the convenings including air and hotel. Unfortunately ground transportation is not included nor are additional family members.

Applications will be accepted on a seasonal basis. More information on application details and deadline coming soon–stay tuned!

If you have additional questions, please email us at info@helloneighbor.io or call 412-567-3946.