Our Impact

Since 2017 we have created 72 matches. The mentees included recently resettled refugee families from 11 countries of origin: Myanmar, Bhutan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, Algeria, Ivory Coast, and Somalia.

Our Impact Includes:

  • 338 participants from 11 countries and 72 families
  • 73 women participants
  • 201 children participants

Our mentors have come from a variety of Pittsburgh neighborhoods (over 23 different zip codes), truly spanning the whole city. Something really unique about our program is that mentorship is available for the whole family!

Mentors have included individuals, couples, families with young children, families with older kids, empty nesters and retirees.

Families make up 50% of our mentors! This is a great family activity and something you can do as a family to give back to the community, learn about other cultures and build empathy.

In fact, 100% of program participants said this program positively impacted their lives and they would recommend it to others! (Check out our 2018 Impact Report!)