Why does he hate me?

Founder Sloane Davidson reflects on her recent conversation with one of our refugee mothers about the 2020 election.

November 2, 2020

Hello Neighbors,

“Why [does] he not like me?” This comes from a conversation I recently had with one of the Burmese mothers in our program.

She leaned in and said:

“He does not even know me, or my family. My husband works hard, every day we go to work, sometimes seven days a week - we don’t see him. My son go to school and learn English. I practice English so one day I can become a citizen and get a job. This is my country now too. I love the people here… well most of the people. So why [does] he hate me if he does not know me?”

I nod my head, look at her lovingly and lean in and say,_ “If he knew you I want to believe he would not feel that way.”_ I want to hug her. But I can’t hug her. We are both masked and sitting at a safe distance from one another. I want to tell her it will all be ok. But I don’t know that it will. Two weeks ago, the President set the number of refugees to be admitted for this upcoming year at 15,000, down from 110,000 that he inherited almost 4 years ago. This is a historic and unprecedented low meant to deliver a death blow to the entire refugee resettlement program.

We all know the stakes are high with the election tomorrow. Imagine for a moment how it feels for refugees and immigrants who have risked so much and look at the leader of our country and see someone who hates their existence?

The answer is we must vote. We must go to the polls and vote for who we believe is the best and most qualified person to lead our country for the next four years.

Hello Neighbor was founded three years ago. I only know this organization in this administration. I know the heart and soul of our community has come together to support our newest neighbors and I know we will continue to do that no matter what the outcome next week.

I also know that no matter what the outcome, our work is more important than ever. The racism and hatred in our country does not go away no matter who wins.

Under normal circumstances before COVID-19 in March, we were serving about 25 families at a time for a 6-month window. This year that all went out the window. We started doing anything and everything we could to help the families enrolled in our programs through this pandemic. We now serve over 100 families a month. We are bursting at the seams. The team has grown to meet the need but still we see an uncertain future ahead.

The best way to support Hello Neighbor is by becoming a monthly donor. Your sustaining gift helps us be able to plan for the future and be able to support our growing community.


I am just as anxious as anyone for what the future holds. I have told our team and community that we have to hold each other with a lot of grace this week. Nothing mandatory is planned. It’s ok if we need to take a step back to take care of ourselves or our families or friends. We will get through this just as we started out - together.

In Solidarity,
Sloane Davidson
Founder and CEO

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