Family Services

Hello Neighbor mentors and volunteers directly serve our refugee community in three distinct ways.

Connecting With Our Newest Neighbors

Hello Neighbor was founded with mentorship as the core of our organization because we truly believe that one-on-one relationships are the key to creating a welcoming community and a better country. Since 2017, we’ve seen over 200 families go through our Family Mentorship Program and the results have been incredible. The refugee families involved in our program report feeling more confident and having an increased sense of belonging.

To address the need for that same positive impact in other areas, Hello Neighbor took the concept of mentorship and individualized support and expanded it to work with new refugee moms (Smart Start for Refugee Mothers and Children) and refugee students navigating the difficulties of education in the United States during COVID-19 (Study Buddy Program).

These three programs are our primary opportunities to directly connect with refugee families here in Pittsburgh and help them feel more comfortable, confident, and welcome. We hope you’ll join us. Learn more about our programs and ways to directly work with refugee families below.

Family Mentorship

Dedicated families, couples, and individuals are directly matched with a recently resettled refugee family to guide and support them in their new lives. The core commitment is 10 hours a month for six months.


Study Buddy

Students and young professionals are matched with refugee students to help them navigate remote learning during COVID-19. The core commitment is by semester (Fall, Spring) and 1-3 virtual hours of tutoring per week.


Smart Start for Refugee Moms and Children

Local moms are matched with refugee moms to support them through pregnancy and life with a newborn. The core commitment is one hour per week for six months.