Hello Neighbor Network

A coalition of grassroots organizations working in post-refugee resettlement in the U.S. who come together to grow and inspire change.

A United Front Combating Polarization

As the global refugee crisis has increased, the United States has begun to strongly debate immigration policies and the arrival of immigrants and refugees in our country. The U.S. travel ban, separation of children from their families at the U.S. border and overcrowded immigration detention centers have all increased the attention and heated debate surrounding this issue.

Additionally, hatred toward immigrants and refugees has been on the rise. The FBI reported the number of hate crimes in the United States increased by 17% in 2017. The two biggest reported motivations for hate crimes were race/ethnicity/ancestry and religion, making refugees some of the most vulnerable to hate crimes in the United States and globally.

The Hello Neighbor Network is the antidote to such negativity and vitriol.

The network was established in 2019 as a way to unite organizations doing similar work across the country who are currently siloed and could benefit from the collaboration of a supportive peer network.

“The Hello Neighbor Network has been an invaluable resource thus far in offering guidance and advice on best practices, policies and procedures, and helping to answer tough questions.” -Kristen Bloom, Founder and Executive Director of Refugee Assistance Alliance

The Hello Neighbor Network’s nationally commissioned research study showed that volunteers and refugees engaged with grassroots organizations like those in the Network, agreed they reduced polarization within their communities.

Our Mission

To provide grassroots nonprofits working with 50% or more refugees and immigrants with a supportive peer network, education, skills and resources to better fulfill their own missions and to elevate grassroots voices in the ongoing conversation around refugees in the U.S.

Our Vision

A country that understands, deeply values, and supports refugees and the community-based organizations that guide their transition from surviving to thriving.

Hear from our founding Network members why we’re stronger together when we welcome refugees into our communities.

The Hello Neighbor Network was developed and programmed by Hello Neighbor in partnership with USA for UNHCR, The Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh, The Benter Foundation and The Good People Fund, and The Harnisch Foundation.

Interested In Applying?

Applications for Hello Neighbor Network Fellows will be accepted on a seasonal basis. If you have additional questions, please email our National Program Manager, Rachel Vinciguerra, at rachel@helloneighbor.io or call 412-567-3946.